Age2 Years Old
BreedDomestic Short Hair
ColorFlame Point Tabby
PersonalityAdventurous, sweet, maternal
Special NotesMother of Bourbon, Gesha, Arusha, Kona, Caturra, Java.

Sumitra is a gorgeous mama of six healthy, beautiful babies. She originally gave birth to a litter of four at a market area outdoors, so some shop owners gave her a box. Then a few days later, she came back with two more babies that were around the same age as her litter, bringing her litter up to six!

Right now, her babies are still too young to be weaned. But as soon as they stop nursing, they will all be vaccinated and Sumitra will be spayed before she is adopted. She has a superficial wound on her face but it’s healing just fine. Please give this beautiful girl a second chance at life!

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